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Blackthorn Based Mixed Native Hedging Pack 40-60cm x50


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A prickly mix containing six different native hedging plant species, this Blackthorn based Mixed Native Hedging Pack provides a range of complementary plants boasting flowers, nuts, sloes, hips and haws for a wildlife friendly, diverse native hedge mix. Each pack will include 25x Blackthorn, 5x Dog Rose, 5x Wild Cherry, 5x Hawthorn and 5x Spindle bare root plants.

Prunus Spinosa or Blackthorn, is a dense, somewhat prickly, native deciduous hedging plant.Blackthorn blossoms very early (before its leaves) brightening up hedgerows at a dull time of the year with masses of pure white flowers carried on its black stems. It then has mid to dark green oval shaped leaves throughout the summer and its fruits are called sloes and are like small damsons. The sloes start off with a blue bloom but then darken to shiny black and are bitter until after the first heavy frost. Collect in November for sloe gin if the birds haven't already taken them. The density of Blackthorn is excellent for providing shelter for birds and other wildlife.

Euonymus Europaeus or spindle, is a native, deciduous hedgerow shrub. It has green leaves that turn a lovely red colour in the autumn and tiny green flowers from April to June followed by an abundance of scarlet capsules in September. Euonymus Europaeus is a fast-growing, bushy plant perfect for hedges and rough, country style screening.

Rosa Canina or Dog Rose is a native rose with pale green leaves. Tough, tolerant and fast growing, the sprawling stems of this native rose will form a thick impenetrable hedge in record time. The pink-flushed, white flowers have a lovely scent and appear throughout summer. As they fade, glossy red fruits (hips) form, which add interest well into autumn. This plant is a wonderful addition to a wildlife-friendly garden as the hips are very attractive to birds. The prickly stems however will make unwanted visitors think twice before they try to cross.

Prunus Avium or Wild Cherry is a great addition to a native mixed hedge but must be trimmed to prevent its growth into a tree. It awakens in spring with new leaves and flowers appearing simultaneously. The long-lasting flowers appear from red buds and are held in long drooping clusters, like cotton wool. The leaves are bright green, oval and tooth edged. The cherries have less flesh and are more bitter than the cultivated species, but have the same dark red colour from July and will be quickly stripped from the hedge by birds. The autumn colour of the leaves is spectacular.

Crataegus Monogyna or Hawthorn is a rounded thorny, deciduous plant with glossy dark green leaves. From April to May it has Clusters of fragrant white flowers, followed by glossy red fruit in June. It is a popular hedging plant as it serves equally as a barrier, border or screening and serves well to attract wildlife into the garden.

Acer campestre or Field Maple is one of the best plants for hedging. It is a deciduous and fast growing plant that produces an excellent dense hedge. New leaves are a reddish-purple, turning dark green when mature and turn yellow in the autumn. During the spring it will produce clusters of yellow-green flowers and winged seeds in the autumn.

Important Features of the Blackthorn Based Native Hedging Pack:

Includes: 25x Blackthorn, 5x Dog Rose, 5x Wild Cherry, 5x Hawthorn, 5x Spindle and 5x Field Maple bare root plants.

Max Height: 40-60cm

Foliage Colour: Green

Native UK Hedging Plants

Wildlife Friendly

More Info 

Plant Type Hedging
EAN/GTIN 1121541121548
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