Glyphosate Super Strength 12 Sachets by Bayer Garden

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Fast-acting, Bayer Gardens Glyphosate, Super Strength Soluble Sachets offers a quick-fix solution for Killing Weeds and Roots. Be rid of Dandelions, unwanted Grass, Ivy, Brambles and any other unwanted growths from within a week to 4 weeks, use on unwanted vegetation, paths, drives or patios. No measuring required, these Ready-To-Use sachets are simple to use, just drop the inner-water soluble bag into a sprayer or watering can and spray over infected area.

Important Features of Bayer Garden Glyphosate, Super Strength Soluble Sachets:

Size: 12 x 8g Sachets

Simple Soluble Sachets, no measuring required  

For use only as a home garden weedkiller

Suitable for watering cans and sprayers


Westland Horticulture is one of the leading and fastest growing horticultural companies in the UK. Supplying a wide range of market leading gardening products to the industry including growing media, lawn treatments, lawn seed, plant food, pest control, fungicides, weed killers and mulches, Westland also own the market leading brand Unwins and wild bird feed ranges Peckish, Nature’s Feast and Bucktons.

Westland are producers of the leading  growing media product in peat reduction; West+ which is created using a unique and innovative technology delivering unrivalled results in plant health, with its high performance and lightweight formulation.

Westland has become one of our most trusted suppliers here at Crowders, as they, like us, treat customers to the very best products at highly competitive prices.


How to use: Open the sachet and drop the inner water-soluble bag into a sprayer containing 1 litre of water or a watering can containing 4 litres of water.

Stand for 2 minutes until the inner water-soluble bag dissolves then shake to mix.

For general weed control: spray or water evenly over 25sqm.

For Tough weeds: Spray or water evenly over 15sqm

After application rinse the sprayer or watering can three times and pour rinsed water over bare ground.

Where to use: Use on unwanted vegetation and on areas not intended to bear vegetation. Use as a total weed control to clear vegetation prior to cultivation, on pathways, drives or patios and on waster ground.

Do not apply to cultivated areas or lawns unless you want to kill them.


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Member of the Horticultural Trades Association