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Parsnip: Avonresister by Thompson and Morgan seeds uses less space than other parsnip varieties. Thin out to only 7cm (3in). Parsnip Avonresister is far and away the most resistant variety to canker.
Sowing Instructions
For long parsnips you need a deeply dug soil which has been manured for a previous crop. However, they will do well on ordinary well drained and cultivated soil. Sow seeds April to June, 1cm   deep in drills 30cm (12 inches) apart. Sow clusters of 4 seeds every 20cm (8 inches) and thin out to the strongest seedlings after germination. Germination is very slow and it is helpful to sow a pinch of lettuce seeds between each cluster of seeds. They will mark the row and can be cut before the parsnips need the room.
Growing instructions
Harvest the roots from autumn onwards, leaving them in the ground until required.
Cropping Time 
110 Days


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