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Mixed Wildlife Hedging Pack 40-60cm x50


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Whether you're an aspiring ornithologist or simply a keen nature enthusiast you can cultivate a hedgerow that's beneficial for your garden visitors with this Mixed Wildlife Hedging Pack. Featuring a variety of British grown hedging plants, specially selected for their benefits to native fauna, this wildlife hedging pack is sure to attract plenty of welcome visitors to your garden.

Crataegus Monogyna or Hawthorn Hedging Plant:

A popular British bare root hedging plant, Crataegus Monogyna, more commonly known as the Hawthorn, produces glossy green foliage accompanied by small clusters of white flowers during springtime.  Attracting wild birds to your garden with small red berries in late summer, Crataegus Monogyna can be cultivated in most soil types in either an exposed or sheltered location.

Prunus Spinosa or Blackthorn Hedging Plant:

A spiny hedging plant with dark green deciduous foliage, Prunus Spinosa grows with a bushy habit, producing dark purple berries during autumn that are great for attracting wild birds to your garden. Preferring a sunny location with moist, well-drained soil, Prunus Spinosa is a hardy hedging plant that can be grown in either an exposed or sheltered location.

Corylus Avellana or Hazel Hedging Plant:

Producing large green leaves followed by yellow catkins during springtime, Corylus Avellana is a large deciduous shrub that's a popular choice for both hedging and screening. More commonly known as the Hazel, Corylus Avellana produces edible hazelnuts during autumn, providing a valuable food source for a wide variety of garden wildlife.

Viburnum Opulus or Guelder Rose Hedging Plant:

A fast growing native hedging plant, Viburnum Opulus, also known as the Guelder Rose, produces lobed green foliage that turns a rich shade of red as autumn gets underway, adding some beautiful contrasting colour to your hedgerow. With small white flowers in spring, followed by bright red berries in summer, Viburnum Opulus is a popular choice for attracting wild birds to your garden.

Rosa Canina or Dog Rose Hedging Plant:

Producing serrulate green foliage coupled with pale pink flowers in summertime, Rosa Canina is a native deciduous rose that provides both shelter and sustenance to a wide variety of garden wildlife. Best planted in a sunny location to ensure abundant flowering, Rosa Canina will grow in most types of moist, well-drained soil.

Malus Sylvestris or Crab Apple Hedging Plant:

Commonly known as the Crab Apple, Malus Sylvestris is a rounded deciduous tree that produces verdant green foliage, followed by white flowers in early summertime and small fruits in autumn. Growing in either a sunny or partially shaded area, Malus Sylvestris is a favourite among garden wildlife, providing both shelter and nourishment.

Ligustrum Vulgare or Common Privet Hedging Plant:

A fast growing, semi-evergreen shrub, Ligustrum Vulgare produces small green leaves accompanied by dainty white flowers in summertime. Attracting wildlife to your garden with dark purple berries produced during autumn, Ligustrum Vulgare is a particular favourite among small birds and beneficial insects.

Hippophae Rhamnoides or Sea Buckthorn Hedging Plant:

Producing narrow leaves with a distinctive green/grey colour, Hippophae Rhamnoides, also known as the Sea Buckthorn, provides a welcome nesting spot for small birds, as well as shelter for other garden wildlife. Growing with an upright habit and producing bright orange berries during the height of summer, Hippophae Rhamnoides can be cultivated in most soil types; however, this plant can be very invasive if planted near sand dunes.

Important Features of the Mixed Wildlife Hedging Pack:

Includes: 10x Crataegus Monogyna, 10x Prunus Spinosa, 5x Corylus Avellana, 5x Viburnum Opulus, 5x Rosa Canina, 5x Malus Sylvestris, 5x Ligustrum Vulgare and 5x Hippophae Rhamnoides

Max Height: 40-60cm

Foliage Colour: Green

Provides Wildlife with Nourishment and Shelter

Suitable for Most Soil Types

Specially Selected to Benefit Birds, Beneficial Insects and Other Small Animals

More Info 

Plant Type Hedging
EAN/GTIN 1121581121584
Pre-Order Message Available Nov to March


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