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  • march-gardening-jobs-header

    March Gardening Tips and Snips


    With spring about to burst forth by mid-March, and with days becoming longer and lighter, this is one of the busiest months in the gardener’s calendar. Now is the time to finish all the winter work, ahead of the growing season and start preparing for the year ahead. We have put together a list of jobs to do this month, bearing in mind that we can still suffer from frosts and harsh winds. Continue Reading

  • february-gardening-jobs-header

    February Gardening Tips and Snips


    As the first signs of life are beginning to break through the bleakness of winter, there are plenty of jobs to attend to in February, to prepare for spring. Order your seeds now to avoid disappointment and then sort them to create a sowing calendar through spring. Continue Reading

  • winter jobs

    Winter Jobs for the Garden Checklist

    winter jobs

    Even though we are now in the throes of winter, with an unpredictable and varied weather forecast for much of the country, there are still jobs to be carried out in the garden, before spring arrives. This checklist can be used as a handy reference. Continue Reading

  • Christmas Trees Buyer's Guide

    How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

    Christmas Trees Buyer's Guide

    Whether you are buying a real tree or an artificial one this year, the crucial factor common to both is the need to measure up for the tree’s location in the room, as there is nothing worse than finding the perfect tree and then getting it home to discover it’s not going to fit. So, whether your tree will be taking pride of place in the hall or is going to be tucked away in the corner of a lounge, always measure the height and, more importantly, the depth of the area available. By doing this, you will ensure the girth of the tree won’t allow it to become overpowering or intrusive in your room. Continue Reading

  • sara-garden-part-8-header

    Creating a Dream Country Garden - Part 10: Autumn has arrived!

    Hello there and welcome to autumn! Last month I wrote that I expected to see the first frosts by Halloween but how wrong I was.
    This October has been one of the mildest in years and in fact it has been so mild that at work, our bare root will not be lifted till the end [...]

  • advent

    Advent Ideas and Info


    What does Advent mean?

    The word Advent comes from the Latin 'adventus' which means 'arrival' or 'coming' and rose to prominence in the English language during the mid 1800s, with Christians traditionally using the term to refer to the first season of the Church year. Continue Reading

  • packingawayxmas

    Top Tips for Packing Away your Christmas


    Many of us pack away our Christmas and other holiday decorations by January 6th, which is Twelfth Night. Even if you don't follow this custom, the odds are you'll be starting to think about putting them away once January truly gets underway. Continue Reading

  • October blog

    How to plant a Shrub

    October blog

    Shrubs are the backbone of any garden, giving substance, height and structure to flower beds and borders. Shrubs also add foliage colour and are available as deciduous (leaf shedding) and evergreen (leaf retaining). Continue Reading

  • wrappinggifts

    Top Tips for Wrapping Gifts



    Try to keep all of your gift wrapping materials together or, failing that, make sure that all of your essentials are close at hand before wrapping each gift. Continue Reading

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