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Growing Facilities

Having grown plants for over two hundred years, we have accumulated all the equipment and expertise we require to produce the best possible plants at the best prices.

We currently have 3 sites around Horncastle and nearby Woodhall Spa, totalling 130 hectares of land. Our head office is in Horncastle where all of our containerised plants, including large trees and small cell plants, are grown. Our Woodhall Spa sites are home to our field grown trees and transplants for the amenity market. The sandy loam soil in that area enables us to produce plants with a good fibrous root structure, which are excellent for transplanting and tolerant of the rough treatment plants often receive on landscape construction projects.

Our specialised nursery staff propagate many of the plants that we grow, which helps to ensure consistently high quality stock.

Transplant and Feathered Trees

Here at Crowders, we have become specialists in growing small transplants and feathered trees. Over the years we have supplied many council and government projects, as well as small and large contracts for such projects as business parks and housing schemes. We are pretty confident that wherever you have travelled in Britain, you will have seen plants that started life on our nursery.

Grown from British Native Seed

There is much debate amongst environmental groups about the use of “local origins” in new tree planting schemes. Unfortunately much of this debate is misguided due to a lack of understanding of the difference between “provenance” and “origin”. Much of the present day UK landscape is “planted” and of unknown origin. Despite this, the company recognises the demand for native plants and actively seeks to increase production levels of true native origins.

As a company we have tackled this issue in a number of ways including:

  • Dividing seed purchasing into 'lots' to encompass origins from different regions.
  • Establishing a contract with Leicestershire County Council to produce plants from seed collected by themselves.
  • Increasing our own collections.
  • The result of this is that we now have plants for sale from a wider range of origins, and we have reduced the amount of imported seed that is purchased by 20%.

    Stock Sourcing Partners

    Over the two hundred years we have been growing plants, we have set up an extensive network of partner nurseries, not just in the UK but throughout Europe. We work closely with these nurseries to fill in the inevitable gaps within our range, along with working with specialist nurseries that grow specific plant types and varieties better than anyone else we know. Because we regularly trade with these nurseries, we often send members of our plant buying team to check current standards on these nurseries, even with our European partners.

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