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Silver Birch Tree Infected with Tuber aestivum or Black Summer/Autumn Truffle

byTotally Truffles

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Trees ranging from 6 to 18 months old can be purchased subject to availability; postage costs may vary.

Silver Birch, is an ornamental tree that can grow from 15?25 m tall, with a slender trunk usually under 40 cm diameter (exceptionally to 1 m diameter), and a crown of arched branches. The bark is white, often with black diamond-shaped marks or larger patches, particularly at the base. The shoots are rough with small warts, and hairless, and the leaves 3?7 cm long, triangular with a broad base and pointed tip, and coarsely double-toothed serrated margins. The flowers are wind-pollinated catkins, produced before the leaves in early spring, the small (1?2 mm) winged seeds ripening in late summer on pendulous, cylindrical catkins 2?4 cm long and 7 mm broad. This tree is very productive and hardy in Northern European climates and suited to chalky soils with a high pH; the seeds were sourced from a reputable British supplier.

This tree commonly grows with mycorrhizal fungi;we can supply these trees hosting Tuber aestivum (black summer /autumn truffles)..

We can not dispatch these trees outside UK territories at the moment. Trees supplied by Totally Truffles, larger quantities can be purchased at discounted prices, contact 07958715102 for details. Guidelines on how to maintain your truffle tree available here:

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